2018 Preview

Zen Collection   …..  When the natures changes

100% Made in Italy

Zen Collection is based on adding an innovative product to the bathroom accessories’s world, A HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATE- 100% MADE IN ITALY, which combines excellent aesthetic qualities with virtues and properties such as the easy manufacture and its extreme robustness: resistant to scratches, impact-resistant, abrasions, chemicals, heat and wet.
All these characteristics make the material usable for a wide range of applications.
The solid and non-porous area of these materials, HPL e FENIX, can be easily cleaned and disinfected with hot water, vapour and all type of detergents and disinfectants, but not alkaline.
The material is antistatic, it doesn’t attract dust and doesn’t require to be cleaned with waxes or other products.
The wide range of colours is inspired by nature with the super matt area.





White fenix