Mr. Rino Giraldi, the founder of Linea G company, has got a more than 50 years experience in brass manufacturing field.
When he was very young he worked as apprentice in Florence by an “ clothing accessories’ metal details” manufacturing company.
His biggest dream had always been to found an independent manufacturing company.
And so, at only 20, his dream became true and he created “his first workshop” of closures, buckles, zippers and clips for bags, shoes and belts.
Then, during the following years, he developed the idea of dedicating his metal manufacturing experience to a new and young field with lots  of outlooks: the bathroom accessories.
That is how, in 1985, Linea G was born.
Thanks to the meticulous cure he dedicated to each production phase, from design to finished product with a very high level result, he soon acquired a very prestigious customers ‘portfolio.
A brand synonym of quality, which soon succeeded, in Tuscany first, than all over in Italy and abroad.
Mr. Rino Giraldi’s passion was then infused to his family too. His wife, his daughter Cristina, the two twins Alessandro and Andrea and Mr. Fabrizio Pescatore, who cooperates with Mr. Giraldi since he was 14 years old and today is directly a member of the society, they all today belong to the company management and work alongside Mr. Giraldi to carry on what today is not only a dream but an important reality and this year is exactly the 31st anniversary of its foundation.